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With HESS-Slot Boring Machines the motor table is moved, the work piece table is unmovable fixed, so also large work pieces like doors etc. can be worked on without problems. The quick lifting system makes works easier, faster, more effective and more universal. The lifting unit can be moved very easily and with exact precision due to a guide system with ball bearings which is supported by a gas spring. The lifting unit can be locked at any position and if necessary, be adjusted most exactly through a fine-adjusting device. So the vertical stroke way can be used for working like cross and depth stroke (for example vertical slots and so on). Additionally the HESS-slot boring machines can be equipped with a usual router instead of the standard electric motor. There is available as well a horizontal as a vertical router device with quick tool changing system by which the electric motor can be changed within a few seconds against a router and vice versa. This system gives a lot of new operation possibilities.

The Standard Series is equipped with standard ball bearing slides.

Standard Fuehrung

The Linear series is equipped with 2-fold ball bearing guides

Linear einfach

and 4-fold ball bearing guides

Linear Fuehrung